Doc Writer: Word Processor App Reviews

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Great Program

I used it for writing various documents and it does everything I need to accomplish the task.

Word Document solution for imac users

I was hoping to find something that looks and works just like Microsoft and is compatible with iMac. This is the app for me. I am very happy with it so far and I can use it for all my word document needs.

Good app

This app is very cool!

The Perfect Solution

This little app the perfect fit for those like myself who are seeking an alterative to Word. I've tried many others including OpenOffice but always run into the same issues that I'm trying to get free from. Though this is called DocWriter, I find it most useful for reading documents. It has the features I actually use, like setting my own default font for plain text. It allows me to save in plain text too without hassle. It has speech capability built-in, auto-save, and the ability to hide/show toolbars, rulers etc. It has a live word count and a spell checker that allows me to add words I use a lot. It allows me to turn off spell-check while typing. I've been waiting for this app to come along ever since being forced to upgrade to Word 2008 back in OS 10.7. And now, can finally cut the cord to Word altogether. The only issue I've encountered so far is that I believe the keyboard shortcut for "spelling and grammar" (CMD-:) should open the tool itself (the box with the "learn", "ignore", etc buttons) rather than go to the nearest misspelled word. Thank you to the Developer for this great app!

No Outlining

Even though the outlining function appears on the drop down menu it doesn’t work. Very disappointing.

Easy and efficient

I love it!!

helped me out a lot

thank you for helping me type a paper that i emailed from my job and was unable to read it from an email.

great doc appp

not like other doc apps. this one actually works great!


Works well for most applications!!! However: cannot center a title on a page if you are using more than one column, cannot move/adjust uploaded pictures, needs a verticle rule, in addition to the horizontal ruler provided. This program will allow you to do most of the tasks that you do every day.



just what I needed!

Very nice word processor. Clean userfull program that works well for my home use.

Use with Mac

It’s nice to be able to open a word document with my Mac. And it was free! I am looking forward to exploring all the features. Thank you!

Perfect solution

I’m new to Mac IOS, and I thought I would miss MS Word… Nope! Love this app, thank you!


its really useful i love it

nice to use

it is really nice to use.

Nice, and easy to use word processor app!

A very helpful app at the unbeatable price of FREE! Thank you guys and may God bless you and continue to let you develop more apps as good as this.

I Regret paying for microsoft word now

i recently bought microsoft word but now i wish that i didnt because this application has most of the functionality that i was getting out of word and i am very pleased with ths application in every way! this is a must have for high school and college students who just need MS word alternative! i would certianlly reccomend this to my friends! Definily deserves 5 stars! (sorry for my not great english. my main language is spanish)

Easy to use

Very easy and uncomplicated to used. Very easy to navigate

Great App

I needed to make some simple charts, this app makes it easy its free and it works great. why get anything else.


Excellent app! Can’t do without it! A masterpiece of Word Work!!

Nice alternative

So far, the program works great. No complaints at all. It makes me wonder why I’ve spent so much money on the Microsoft Word subscriptions. Grateful for this app.

Doc Writer: Great App!

We required word processing that all ages of our household could use and this is the one! Well designed with all the features needed.

An honest-to-god Word Processor! Finally!

I’ve been looking a long time for an application along the lines of what you used to get as standard fare with every computer. It was instantly familiar. This is an app for people who just like to write and think. A big 'Thank You' to the team who was smart enough to bring writing back to life.

Forget about MS Word

There is nothing not to like with this app. Easy and simple to use, very clean.

Exactly what I needed

I needed a word processor that I could add pictures to and that I could see the page layout of. Boom! Exactly what I needed.

For people who want to write

If your goal is to sit down an get the words on paper, get the story down, get it done, this is a great application. I don’t know about the bells and whistles, because when I use a word processing ap, what I want to do is write as quickly and easily as possible. This ap is perfect for that. Thank you for offering it.

It Works

Does exactly what it says it will. What more could I ask for?


I have been looking for something other than Microsoft word. User friendly*

A Powerful, Solid Word Processor That Plays Nice w/Word

One of the best and feature-laden free word processing apps. This is an excellent, low-bandwidth app perfect for folks seeking an editing app that is compatible with but with a smaller footprint than Microsoft Word. Many of the standard features are here: tables, list, spell check, search and replace, and decent editing and formatting tools. It’s well designed, so starting writing projects is easy and intuitive, and saving docs in a range of romats (including .docx) is simple. The interface is spare but attractive. Most of the functions are quickly available on the menu bar or in drop down menus. I did miss the format painter (a Word feature I use a lot), but Doc Writer devs figured out a way to McGuyver that function. I highly recommend it.

Good Program

This is a very user friendly program which I found to be of real value to me.


This is app is useless. dont waist your time to download it!!

Perfect App for the whole family

Exactly the app we need for creating and editing documents for PDF export.

This app is trash

it won’t let me write anything and it won’t let me exit it. It is kind of useless :(